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I left the songs indexed under the original tabs from GuitarMonica





“Guitarmonica”    This is what GuitarMonica is all about.  A guitar and a harmonica (and a bass ) .

Try your A  or D diatonic or your D Chromatic here with this E minor blues thing.


"Teague's Tenor"   This recorder has been in the family for as long as I can remember.  In truth,

 it is still too big for my hands. I played the Martin DM, and Ibanez and a D chromatic as well as

 Dad's recorder .  He would have liked this tune.


"Harmonica Daddy" features a  Hohner Super 64   and a taste of guitar. This tune swings quickly

 at 204 beats per minute.   Drums are supplied by the "rifftracker" and the bass is the lowest octave

 of the harmonica.  There is a "jam version" of this tune on the "To Practice With" page.


"DmPlena"     Super 64 and piano in d minor. Recorded with RiffWorks.


"Ah More"      Super 64 and piano in Aminor.


"I Wonder"  If I will ever sound like Stevie... Recorded this on the Fostex using the "Moroccan  finger drums..


"XB-40"    was recorded with a  Hohner XB-40    Harmonica (G ) and

Ibanez Artcore guitar. Percussion is a pod drum track with Zydeco Tie.


"Teague's Alto"    This is dad's alto recorder.  I don't remember ever seeing him play this one.

  I found it in a cabinet after he passed away in 2002.... I will take care of it....


"BanjoMonium"   starts out with solo "clawhammer" banjo (G key).

Add a diatonic harmonica (C key). Next  banjo and guitar. Then banjo, guitar and chromatic harmonica (G key),

and finally, banjo alone.  The ticky- tack sounds in the background are the banjo strings and head.


"Tico Tico"    is an older (pre-guitarmonica) "effort" from  the  90's.

This was a direct mic to sound card recording with no effects.

Note:  This led up to my famous "Kiss of fire, Tico Tico medley which I will post at a later date.


"Surfboy"    is one of my first efforts with the "Rifftracker".

 I strapped on my "Strat" and paddled out. Added a little slide. and a second guitar. Pod is set on Fender Deluxe.

The scratchy thing in the background is a "Zydeco Tie"    that I bought in New Orleans  (pre flood).

 I can feel the bonfire on the beach (and the sand in my trunks).


"When Johnny Comes Marching Home"  is a guitar and harmonica "rack" melody in the

 key of G minor (played with F chromatic) and an extra track of bass harmonica.


"June Apple"   is another unique stab at a fiddle tune. The melody (in G Minor) is s bit inconvenient for harmonica.

The rhythym guitar is my 12 string and the beat is a bossa/meringue thing (courtesy or the riff tracker).


"Bouchard's Reel"    I learned this song (from sheet music that someone had given me) in '92 but I never  heard

anyone play until several years after.  I firsrt  heard this song played at   Strawberry"  (featuring an accordion).


"The Road to Lisdoon Varna"   was recorded using N track and computer with a digi-mike plugged directly into sound card.

 This method produces a scratchy sound. Raw yet wonderful in it's own right, eh ?

I recorded this with my daughters Takimine 6-string  and a Chromatic Harmonica in the "rack".  I added a harmony harmonica part.

 After a couple times through I slip into "Swallow Tail Jig". I stick somewhat close to the melody and mistakes have been left in for effect.


 "The Highway"   is an older recording using my daughter's Takamine guitar. This was recorded using N-track . Why the Highway?? Some song I used to know....


" Wishes"    is a 2 track recording. I used my Ibanez hollow bodied electric for both parts.


"Big 4"    This one is a little more aggressive on the Guitar Tracks. The Strat and The Ibanez Hollow Body are featured here.

 I guess I called this "Big 4" because there are 4 tracks. This was recorded silently  in the "wee hours" with the Pod and

headphones.The Zydeco Tie" adds a little scratch to drum track .


"Auld Lang Syne"   Martin DM and  270 Chromatic G Key  (Just like we used to play it in Scotland ).


"Old Rosin the Clam"   This is like "Old Rosin the Bow" or "Acres of Clams" (kind of). Recorded single track (with no effects) using

 the Martin DM and a G Chromatic Harmonica in rack ( the thing wrapped around Bob Dylan's neck). This is how it sounds when you sit in my living room.


"Uke 1"       Two tracks of tenor ukulele with harmonica. 


Harmonicas only Tab:  These recordings are pure harmonica.........(except for some drum  tracks). No guitar (just monica).......

“Harmonetta and Harmonica  This is a rare Hohner  Harmonetta  and a Chromatic Harmonica recorded on

 a  Mac using "Garage Band" and a "Blue Snowflake" usb mic.


"Two G Harps  Is just that...Recorded on Fostex with  a G Special 20.

"The Chop"     3 harmonicas (XB-40 g key) mix it up were

recorded with Shure Green Bullet 520DX mic and pod (set to Fender deluxe) into the Fostex.

"Casey Jones"   is 3 tracks of  Super 64 recorded on Fostex MR-8 HD with a Shure F20DX

 ("Green Bullet") Mic. No tricks, no effects. This is my  first recording on the Fostex.

"D Shuffle"   is a RiffTracker project. I recorded nine 12 bar tracks of Chromatic and Diatonic harmonica.

Then I mMixed starting with 1 G diatonic and added combinations of different tracks.

 At most, there are 3 harmonicas playing simultaneously. Spent about an hour on this one.


"White Christmas"  is 2 tracks of Chromatic. This was recorded , mixed and converted

to MP3 in about 20 minutes on Christmas Eve, '2006


"New Orleans Shuffle"   This clip was recorded in 15 minutes using Pod XT and RiffTracker.

 I played a Hohner 270 harmonica (Key of G), The Farnell Bass and drums were supplied by

 Rifftracker.Similar to "D Shufffle" above but worth a listen....Slightly different direction....


Lyrical Tab:  This site is about instrumental music, however I will post "Lyrical" songs as well. More to come......


"Tennessee Stud"   was recorded on the "Tascam" . 2 tracks . #1 is martin DM and vocal and #2 is the

 Epiphone "Studio" Les Paul. I heard this song on "XM radio" a couple months ago

and got the words from the net. I love technology !


"Git Along Little Dogies"    is a song that "Campfire Ken always sang at his shows. This is a 3 track recording on

 Fostex with condenser mic. The first track was guitar (the Martin 000) and lead vocal. Second track vocal ,

cattle sounds and f  diatonic harp. Third track chromatic Hohner Super 64.


"Travlin’ Shoes"    by   Ruthie Foster  from her "Stages" album. I  liked this tune so much that I dubbed

myself in with harmonica and sopranino recorder (not that she needed any help). 


"Uncle Sam's Car"  

Foggy Mountain Jam (Naturally Sweet album)

Craig Eddy---Lead Vocal & Guitar

Laurie McLean---Percussion

Bruce Rothney---Mandolin

Larry Weissenborn---Bass

Ken Leiboff---Harmonicas(Chromatic and Diatonic)

Recorded Jan. 2002 At the "Sound Stage" in Menlo Park , CA


"Moose Prints in the Snow"  

Foggy Mountain Jam (Naturally Sweet album)

Craig Eddy---Vocals & Guitar

Laurie McLean---Vocals

Bruce Rothney---Mandolin

Larry Weissenborn---Bass

Ken Leiboff---Harmonica (chromatic)

Note: Bruce (the Moose) Grunow was the fiddler for "Foggy Mountain Jam". He Died of cancer on Feb. 23'rd 2001 at the age of 46.

I joined Foggy Mountain Jam earlier that year to help them finish all the gigs that they had lined up for the summer. 

It was very hard to replace the  beloved "Moose"

( it was even harder to replace a fiddle with  harmonicas).

Morgan (mentioned in the song) is  Moose's daughter. She was 8 at the time of his passing......

D.O.O.M. ( Dream only of me )    

 is a song that I  wrote in 1997.  It was a lullabye that I sang to my daughter (9 at the time) .

 I think I played my old Ibanez accoustic,  the "Flintstone"   and chromatic harmonica.

I was about to have a cyst removed from my vocal chord a the time. Someday I will record this one again,

  however there is a certain .......  anguish to it.  


Good night my love goodnight

For now the day is done

With a song I sing for you

Good night my love good night


Sweet dreams my love sweet dreams

I am with you now

Imagine that you hear my voice

Sweet dreams my love sweet dreams


l only dream of you

This I promise you

With so many miles between

I only dream of you


Morning comes to soon

Apart another day

You are with me all the time

And morning comes too soon

Dream, dream dream....... sigh......


"Hole in the Bottom of the Sea"   is a song that  "Campfire Ken" (my alter ego) sang at every show....

This is the Martin DM with mandolin and harmonica fills.


Strings only Page:   Harmonicas are not allowed on this page


"To Mandolins"    Two tracks of mandolins recorded directly into the Fostex.


"1000 days 1 Knight"    The Martin 000, 2 tracks . The Martin has Fishman  bridge pickup and a mic combo with preamp.

 This is the pickup  directly into the Fostex.  This is one of my older tunes, however the original recordings are not usable


Pianos have strings !

 "Chopsticks"     Although this is neither guitar or harmonica, it reminds me of my father, Teague Leiboff.  When I was very little, I used to sit

by his side on the piano bench playing along with my trusty (rusty) "Marine Band". Now THAT was music.  He always encouraged my musical efforts.

In his final  years he played in the "Rusty Steel" Steel Drum band.  It used to take both of us to play this. Now it just takes two tracks.....

Dad passed away in the spring of 2002.


To Jam with Tab:


"Fast D Shuffle"  is a good place to start jamming in the key of d. On this track, I alternate 12 bars of  Chromatic and 12 of Diatonic.

The D Chromatic is nearly an octave lower than a C.  Do you  wonder how I get the full chords on the diatonic (since they don't exist)?


Note:   You can set Media Player to repeat a track indefinately


"DMP"    D minor Piano. I recorded this piano track using the pod with no effects. I put together the percussion tracks and then

added Harmonica and Guitar. After playing around with it for a few hours, I realized that it sounded best with just the piano.

 I use this to practice with. Try it with your  C chromatic harmonica (d minor position).


"C Piano"   This track is "Louie Louie-like"  in the key of C. This is great for your C chromatic or your F harp.


"Big Bad Harmonica Daddy"   Is a fast (200 bpm) C- boogie . I used a Hohner Super 64 and added Wah-Wah for.

Play this with your C chromatic  (If you have an F chromatic, go for it).....Use an F harp  or use a c diatonic to practice those high blow melody....


“Who   can ever forget this melody (except for what it is called)? 

Many songs have been fitted to these chords. This brings back pleasant memories of my dad and I whacking away (in the Key of C ).


“G-Only      2 Chromatics (g) , 2 diatonics  (c) and an nice drum track from the "RiffTracker". This is a 1 chord thing. A Chromatic works well here too..


“Djembe”     and assorted rhythym goodies.


“More Djembe   ( and assorted rhythym Goodies ). Lead drum is on left channel of both djembe tracks.